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Viral fan theory claims Drake’s ‘kiki’ is actually Kim Kardashian


LOS ANGELES:  Twitter user has created a whole theory proving  Drake and Kim Kardashian West had a secret relationship in the past and that his hit ‘In My Feelings’ is actually about her.

In the thread, fan Tyler Morrison has listed a number of reasons why he thinks ‘KiKi’ is the Instagram star and beauty mogul  Kim Kardashian West.

He starts off by mentioning  ‘In My Feelings’, a song which addresses a woman named ‘Kiki’.

Tyler points out that Kim refers to herself as Kiki, as do her sisters, and she’s even got a lipstick in her KKW Beauty range called Kiki.

Co-incidence? He clearly thinks NOT.

Since then he has shared a bunch of photos of the Kardashians with Drake, stating:

before making several references to the Drake/Kanye feud.

Tyler has clearly listened hard and in between the lines. He made a few points about how he thinks plenty of lyrics on the album are going in on Kanye directly.

He adds that he reckons the words in Sicko Mode:

‘I crept down the block, made a right, cut the lights, paid the price’, are about him creeping over to the Kardashian-West home.

He even draws a little map which shows the route. Dedication.

Though there is no real evidence of any of this and it’s most likely all totally off, but that hasn’t stopped people from taking the idea.

His original post has been liked over 100,000 times and has attracted thousands of comments, with many people posting to add more to the theory.

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