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Celebs speak about mental health after Anam Tanoli commits suicide


The tragic passing of model Anam Tanoli has shocked several in the country and sparked a conversation on mental health.

The 26-year-old reportedly committed suicide after a battle with depression and cyber bullying.

Several, including celebrities and presidential candidate Arif Alvi, urged people to be kind to others and stressed on the need for mental health to be taken seriously.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and presidential candidate Dr Arif Alvi stressed the need for readily available psychiatric help, including a 24/7 helpline, in a tweet over the death of Tanoli.

Alvi said: “Millions of people especially women under different social-economic pressures face depression and some commit suicide.”

Actor Mawra Hocane also took to Twitter and said, “I didn’t know her personally but I’m devastated that a young beautiful girl succumbed to the bullies around her.”

Hocane added, “I spoke to a close friend of hers who told me how deeply she was affected by social media trolling and bullying at work.”

“She was suffering from depression and the world was ruthless regardless. I wish she was stronger but I also wish that we were kinder, all of us. Be on a watch, anyone around us could be suffering from depression and your words can take someone’s life,” she further said.

“I’m sorry Anam Tanoli on behalf of everyone who pushed you take such a step. My condolences and love to the family,”Hocane added.

The actor concluded, “It is about time we treat depression as an illness so we can comfort the ones suffering, at least. Seek medical help without reluctance. Please don’t be afraid of the society, protect yourself first.”

Actor Armeena Khan also tweeted using hashtags, #depressionkills and #bekindtoothers.

Designer Rizwan Beyg also said that he never got the chance to work with Tanoli “but the awful awful stories surrounding her suicide are a wake up call for all those of us who still have a conscience and some shred of humanity left.”

“Amidst all the awards and celebration the tragic suicide of Anum Tanoli has been totally sidelined and not been addressed by the fashion fraternity,” he said.

“Stories of body shaming and downright vicious attacks on a young vulnerable girl are hugely disturbing and what is even more disturbing is a total lack of remorse, sadness or indignation on her passing. I am ashamed Anum …and sorry I was silent at the injustice you faced at the hands of the fraternity I am part of. Rest in peace Anum because I certainly cannot,” Beyg further said.

Actor Momal Sheikh also posted on her Instragram story and said, “We are battling a war within us, each and everyone of us, that’s why we need to show more empathy and more kindness

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