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iPhone Xc: Compact and affordable version of iPhone X


Apple’s iPhoneX is currently the best buy in the market but its high price has resisted people to get their hands on it.

However; the upcoming handsets may come handy as the tech giant is rumoured to introduce three bezel-less iPhones next year.

One of them is the economical model of iPhone X called iPhone Xc whose concept has been created by well-known designer Martin Hajek and is based on the budget smartphone iPhone 5c that went on sale in 2013 in several colors.

iPhone Xc design

According to iDrop concept, an iPhone Xc device could use an advanced type of LCD display made by the Japanese company Japan Display called Full Active LCD instead of OLED to reduce costs.

Besides the display, the makers could save on the material by using polycarbonate instead of the current fragile, all-glass design of the iPhone X. Also, the polycarbonate body would make it much more resistant to damage, which in turn will increase the durability of the iPhone Xc as compared to iPhone X.

Additionally, an iPhone Xc could still support wireless charging. A cheaper iPhone device with wireless charging could be an additional selling point.


A polycarbonate case and LCD-based iPhone Xc would obviously reduce costs for Apple. However; TrueDepth technology and wireless charging, if added, could also add a slight premium to the iPhone Xc’s retail price tag.

An iPhone Xc could be priced at $449 or $549 — depending on its display technology and other factors.

If Apple is able to develop a device with all the said features and within an affordable price range, it would be a great opportunity to increase their smartphone market share across the world, particularly in developing countries like India and China. Younger people and those who’d like a more fun and colorful device could be likely buyers, too.

Still, iPhone Xc is just a concept product and there is no guarantee that it may turn into a real device

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